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Nutriad sponsors technical workshop in Russia

Long Russian summer days exist from Moscow to Yekaterinburg to Yakutsk, but the White Nights have become an intrinsic part of St. Petersburg’s identity. During these days Nutriad sponsored a technical workshop “New ways to improve the profitability in poultry, swine and dairy.”  The event attracted more than 150 participants from leading Russian meat, egg, […]

Heat stress in Dairy cows

Introduction Heat stress is a natural phenomenon that affects dairy cows and other domestic animals in tropical, sub-tropical and often in temperate regions of the world during the summer months. Heat and humidity during the summer months combine to make very uncomfortable environment for dairy cows. The thermo-neutral zone of dairy cows ranges from just […]

Nutriad increases focus on Ruminants

Nutriad, Belgium based feed additives manufacturer, appointed Hassan Taweel as Global Business Development Manager Ruminants. Stated Erik Visser, CEO Nutriad: “At Nutriad we believe that the ruminant segment of the global feed market holds tremendous potential for growth. Our product portfolio and technical knowledge can help producers around the world optimize their performance. Investing in […]

Dairy producers robbed by mycotoxins every day

The contamination of animal feed with mycotoxins is a worldwide problem in animal production. The complex diet of ruminants, consisting of forages, concentrates, and silages, can be a source of diverse mixtures of mycotoxins that contaminate individual feed components. Concomitantly, there has been an increase in feed intake to meet the greater nutrient demand, which […]

Nutriad hosts Distributors Conference in Dubai

The 2nd Dubai MEA Distributors Conference took place from 5 to 7 May 2015 at Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai. Nutriad animal production experts presented their latest findings and provided information on best practices and application of Nutriad products. 26 Representatives of MEA distributors attended, personally invited by Mr. Gilles De Feyter, Nutriad Sales Manager […]

Improving profitability of Calf Milk Replacer

Palatability Innovation Case Study Milk proteins can be very expensive to include in Calf Milk Replacers (CMR) and there are significant economic advantages in replacing this expensive ingredient with alternative protein sources when raw material prices are high. However, the substitution of a protein source from milk derived raw materials to vegetable based components can […]

Aflatoxins in milk: do not underestimate an unavoidable problem

Introduction Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2) are mycotoxins of major concern to the dairy industry. They are naturally occurring mycotoxins produced by the fungi species Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Most frequently, aflatoxins are found in maize and cottonseeds, and of course in their by-products. Less frequently, aflatoxins are encountered in soybeans and any type […]

Nutrition and Immune status of the transition cow

The potential of feed additives SUMMARY Increased productivity in dairy cows has increased the challenges associated with the transition cow. Nutritional strategies to reducing the negative energy balance post-partum and increasing glucose supply will improve metabolic health and immune response; it should be part of the type of additive used during the transition period. Energy […]

Nutriad participates in calf health workshops

Over the course of 2013 Prof Erik Gruys’ organized workshops on pathologies of farmed animals (Veterinary Extension Services [VES]) for veterinarians (DOVES). Feed additives company Nutriad joined two meetings of Dutch meat calf veterinarians on calf health. Both meetings were centered on ‘Pathology and Reduction of Antibiotics’, with the objective to show that better diagnostics […]

Adimix in calves

An effective natural growth promoter for dairy and beef calves For dairy producers world-wide the rearing of a healthy calf is one of the most fundamental and deciding factors in the successful operation of a dairy farm. The cost of raising a calf and heifer until the first calving weighs heavily on the farm. This […]