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Nutriad sponsors swine symposium in Poland

Nutriad was a proud Silver Sponsor of the 13th Digestive Physiology in Pigs (DPP) conference, held in Kliczków (Poland) from May 19-21, 2015. The DPP symposia are organized every three years at several venues in Europe and the USA, and function as a platform to present both basic scientific as well as applied studies on […]

Nutriad hosts technical seminars in Central America

Nutriad together with Central American distribution partner Disatyr hosted a technical seminar in San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and Managua (Nicaragua) in May. At the event UNIKE®Plus and Adimix®30 Coated were introduced to local and regional professionals from the feed industry. The seminars attracted an interested group of potential customers from prestigious companies. The technical program […]

Nutriad hosts Distributors Conference in Dubai

The 2nd Dubai MEA Distributors Conference took place from 5 to 7 May 2015 at Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai. Nutriad animal production experts presented their latest findings and provided information on best practices and application of Nutriad products. 26 Representatives of MEA distributors attended, personally invited by Mr. Gilles De Feyter, Nutriad Sales Manager […]

INTERVIEW Feedinfo: Nutriad advocates Digestive Performance Portfolio

Source: Feedinfo News Service, dated 20 April 2015    20 April 2015 – Erik Visser, CEO of the Nutriad group, recently stated that one of the major driving forces for his company is to find suitable alternatives to antibiotic usage in livestock production, thus following an important global trend. The reduction of antibiotic usage in […]

Quorum Sensing as a tool for selecting feed additive ingredients

Nutriad researches novel ways to improve gut health Nutriad has demonstrated the use of Quorum Sensing (QS) as a tool in the development of new feed additives for livestock and aquaculture application. QS Is a form of bacterial communication that is critical to bacterial virulence. By starting up a dedicated research program in 2011, investigating […]

Nourishing the Gut to promote Gut Health and Integrity

Introduction In the European context, animal production is characterized by a greater challenge to maintain a high health status since the ban on antimicrobial growth promoters and the more recent pressure on usage of therapeutic antimicrobials. Antimicrobial growth promoters have attributed to the prevention of gastro-intestinal bacterial infections instigated by various stress factors. The economic […]

Campylobacter control in poultry

 Application of precision-delivery coated butyrate to control campylobacter                                                             Campylobacter (Fig. 1) is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the US and in Europe. Epidemiological studies indicate that poultry and poultry products are significant sources of human infection. In this context, Campylobacter colonization in the intestinal tract of broilers is an important parameter to consider, […]

Veterinary view on Streptococcus suis

Supporting intestinal health with SANACORE®EN has unique health benefits. Piglets being fed the product, which is gradually released in the gastrointestinal tract, are less likely to suffer from intestinal disorders, and as such they have fewer problems with Streptococcus infections; that is the experience of swine veterinarian Dr. René Sol. Since the 2006 ban of […]

Influence of nutrition on immune system

“Modulation of immune function in food producing animals designed to optimize gut health, general well-being and production performance- with special emphasis on yeast cell wall components” Introduction One of the most important changes in livestock production over the past 20 – 30 years has been the shift from disease treatment towards prevention. On a world-wide […]

Looking for ways to get relief from PED

Maja Marien, DVM, PhD, Tim Goossens, PhD Product managers Digestive Performance at Nutriad Geographical incidence Porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) is caused by a coronavirus somewhat similar to that which causes transmissible gastroenteritis. The PED virus was first recognized in the UK in 1971 and has spread throughout most of Europe and Asia where it is […]