Swensen HUANG

28209798Commercial Manager
Taiwan, Korea, Japan

As a commercial manager I am responsible for distributors and customers in Japan, Korean and Taiwan.
I also support my Chinese colleagues on the marketing and technical side.

Although I only recently joined Nutriad, I already feel part of a big family.
We recently had our APAC (Asia Pacific) meeting in Vietnam and I was inspired by the good team spirit and so much enthusiasm on growing our business.

Colleagues from different countries are willing to share their knowledge and experiences to make the team stronger.

Nutriad provides big flexibility to nurture creative ideas and new business models, which was my main driver to join the company.
With a small team but represented in most of the countries, we can take action effectively to address client and market needs, which distinguishes us from many competitors.

Swensen Huang en echtgenote personal photo (2)After work, I enjoy jogging in a group. Members from different professions share experiences in life and work, encourage each other to achieve 10 K or 15 K, so a journey accompanied with sweating and muscle pain. It is exactly like what I experience in the Nutriad APAC team !