Mari Carmen Franco BueraMari Carmen Franco Buera newGeneral Manager

As a General Manager I take care of the company in Spain and the good functioning of everything. We produce Sodium Butyrate and also manage a sales operation.
We have a fantastic team, professional and dedicated, and it is a pleasure to work with them.
This is one of the things that make my job more gratifying, being surrounded by people who care about their work and the company and you can always count on.

My father, a humble construction worker, always said to me, if the company is working well, you will be always happy, independent of your position in the company. He has always been my reference, and this lesson is true, I love my work, I like working and my secret is that I feel the company as if it were my own business.
I’m always open to learn something, I think that every day you can learn, about yourself and what you do as well as learning from others.
We not only offer a product, we offer a service, solutions and differential treatment, because if someone enjoys what he does, he does better, and the customer perceives it.

And it is the same inside the company where we have a very open relation with all our employees. Every day again I try to involve everyone and listen to them about what they need to be successful.

Mari Carmen holiday-our people sept 14But of course there is also a life outside Nutriad España, where I try to spend as much time as possible with my family, husband and little daughter. Four year old Martina is my most important treasure, my life.

To discover discovering the world with your child is the most amazing experience.