JL LAPARRA OKGeneral Manager

As a General Manager for Nutriad and Central America my ambition is to deliver, together with our team, real solutions to our customers. These solutions go beyond the sale of a product. I make sure all of our different departments do their best in order to achieve efficiency from placing a purchasing order up to the last point in the supply chain where we deliver the product to our customers.

I´m involved in many different activities. That’s why I love my job at Nutriad. From office work, to animal work at farms; from dinners with customers discussing business to product evaluation at a feed mill; from speaking at a seminar to developing new marketing concepts with my international colleagues.

As a veterinarian and nutritionist I thoroughly enjoy solving problems in the field. It is very rewarding to get positive feedback from our customers on our products and service and observe the benefits in their operation.

I’m proud to say that after working in the feed industry for many years, I have made not only excellent relationships with customers but very good friends all around my country, and even abroad. Our customers see me as a part of their team and that makes me feel really good.

The most important thing in my life outside Nutriad is my family. When I say my family it does not only mean my wife and my two sons. It means my mother (my father past away about 7 years ago), my brother, and my three sisters. In our Mexican culture (I should say in our Latin American culture) the family is extremely close, and we get together as much as possible.JL Laparra-Pict fam en Atitlán Dic 2011

I love to cook for my family and friends. Especially steaks. As all men, I do not let anyone near my barbeque. With good meat and a nice drink we will sit together to play table games and listen to Mexican music. You might catch me singing along with the so called “mariachis” or “tríos.”