pec2Business Unit Manager Aqua 

Water is life and my life is all about water. Specially the fish that live and breed in the water.
As the head of Business Unit Aquaculture within the Nutriad organization, I deal with customers in aquaculture markets all over the world. It is a dynamic environment in a quickly growing industry. Although I started as a university professor, I enjoy the challenges of combining science and commerce every day. Converting class room ideas into practical solutions, together with a team of dedicated specialist, is my passion.

Most of the aquaculture markets are far less mature than the pig or poultry industry. What makes this job most attractive to me is that routine never kicks in. Markets, species choice, culture conditions, major ingredients, major diseases and parasitic outbreaks … in aquaculture it changes all the time and you better be prepared for it!Peter COUTTEAU

I personally like the multi-cultural experience of Aquaculture, it is an industry where “invent globally – apply regionally” is our daily work. Our mission is to invent and bring the feed additive that will improve the production and sustainability of fish and shrimp farming.