• We gladly go the extra mile for you.
    Or the extra 100 miles.

  • In your business
    performance is crucial.
    Therefore in our business too.

  • Our feed additives are
    food additives too

  • Healthy animals produce healthy food


At Nutriad we see the importance of vets increasing day by day.

Not only do they help protect animal health by examining, diagnosing and intervening in diseases.  Vets also help protect human health by inspecting meat and poultry products and improving sanitation.

Finally vets investigate disease outbreaks in order to develop new ways and technologies to cure sick animals and avoid new outbreaks.

Nutriad staff all over the world speak to veterinarians every day. We cooperate closely with them in order to develop solutions that strengthen the animal defense system and reduce the use of antibiotics.

Healthy Animals Healthy Food.