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Dairy and beef producers are facing fluctuating milk and meat prices in a volatile ingredient cost environment. At Nutriad, we strive to develop and support more cost-efficient and novel ways of animal production in order to meet the demand for high quality animal products.

Our multi-disciplinary team of nutritionists, biologists, veterinarians and feed-technologists is constantly supporting the ruminant sector worldwide. They have developed a special product line of smart feed additive solutions to reduce animal stress, minimize the risk of digestive upsets, preserve feed quality, enhance feed intake to optimize animal performance and profitability for the farmer.

Nutriad has extensive expertise in formulating and processing ruminant feeds and our local staff are able to assist you in responding to current and future challenges.

Ruminants feed additives


Nutriad has developed a diverse range of natural smart feed supplement solutions for ruminant animals at all stages of the production cycle. Our range enables ruminant farmers all over the world to produce healthy animals that are capable of optimum performance throughout their life, from birth through to adulthood whether for milk or meat production. Moreover, our range of unique products helps ruminant producers to achieve greater biological and economical efficiencies leading to better profitability and responsible environmental stewardship.

ADIMIX® and APEX® concepts are used in milk replacer (CMR) and starter feed for calves. Apex® Calf, a mixture of 5 plant extracts that supports the calf’s natural defense mechanisms and its digestive system to prevent the establishment of disease and improve digestibility, nutrient absorption and feed utilization. ADIMIX® is based on coated Na-Butyrate, and is proven to have a positive effect on performance parameters due to enhanced proliferation, differentiation and functioning of the tissues of the gastro-intestinal tract, in addition to supporting immunity. SENTIGUARD® is an innovative feed supplement, based on high-quality yeast cell walls, stimulates the animal’s natural defense mechanisms.
(see Digestive Performance)

Our range of coated rumen by-pass feed supplements helps to efficiently supply the animal with important nutrients especially during periods of peak production and dry matter intake challenge. Nutri-Meth 50C, Nutri-Chol 25C, Nutri-PP 50C & Nutri-B Complex 25C are rumen by-pass sources of methionine, choline, niacin and combination of B vitamins (B1, B2, Biotin, Folic acid, Riboflavin, Panthotenate & B12). They support the early lactating cow in dealing with negative nutrients balance, and minimize the occurrence of metabolic disorders. Nutri-Omega 3 (either based on DHA and EPA or based on ALA) is a rumen by-pass source of omega 3 fatty acids that is proven to improve fertility in dairy cows.

Optimal rumen function is the most important factor influencing feed utilization efficiency in ruminants. Nutri-Ferm and Nutri-Ferm Prime, mixtures of fungal fermentation extracts and cultures, stimulate rumen fungi and cellulolytic bacteria leading to an increase in fibrolytic enzyme secretion & improved fiber breakdown and feed utilization. Nutri-Pass, a mixture of tannins, saponnis and botanical extracts which can reduce protein degradation in the rumen, increase by-pass protein and microbial protein flow to the intestine, and generally improve nitrogen utilization efficiency.

Nutri-MFM was developed to modulate milk fat synthesis and rapidly increase milk fat %, while maintaining milk protein % and yield. NUTRI-MFM helps milk producers avoid penalty payments for low milk fat content. NUTRI-MIX is a powerful balanced combination of glucogenic precursors and liver supporting nutrients that helps reduce negative energy balance and its consequences on cow’s health, production and fertility, improving farm profitability.
(see Preservation and Functional Ingredients)

Palatability is an important determinant of what and how much an animal eats of a certain feed or feed component. Many raw materials from different origins with different levels of nutrients, palatability profiles and anti-nutritional factors are available for the feed industry. Nutriad offers Gusti-Plus, Aroma fruity and MAXAROME to ensure the final feed (compound feed, premix, mineral mix, CMR or TMR) is palatable and that feed intake is optimized.
(see Palatability)

In addition, Nutriad offers a very effective range of mycotoxin management products starting from mold control during storage (MOLD-NIL®) to mycotoxin binders and deactivators as well as organ protection, and immune system stimulation (TOXY-NIL®, UNIKE® PLUS).
(see Mycotoxin management)

For more specific information and the latest updates, please contact our local staff in your country.