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Production cost control whilst maintaining optimal health status and respect for the environment are challenges to the pig industry.
Profitability of production is affected by rising feed costs and increasing competition in global meat markets.

Highly productive modern genotype pigs can only maximize their potential with optimal diet formulation and accurate methods of balancing nutrients throughout the different life stages of the animal.

Our teams of nutritionists and veterinarians have optimized feed supplements to reduce total feed cost, optimize feed intake and digestion and improve meat production and quality.

Pigs feed additives


ADIMIX® is a powerful stimulator of intestinal development, enhancing villus height and reinforcing gut barrier formation. ADIMIX® also improves nutrient absorption and the secretion of digestive enzymes.

SANACORE® helps to alleviate the negative consequences of bacterial challenges and to reduce the dependency of antimicrobials and zinc oxide.

ULTRACID® helps to improve the digestion efficiency of proteins and other nutrients.

APEX®  ensures optimal performance by boosting digestion, preventing oxidative damage to the intestine and ensuring a healthy balance of gut microbiota.
(For more information see Digestive Performance)

From stimulating feed intake at critical periods, such as weaning and lactation, to masking or accentuating the taste and aroma of particular diet ingredients, we can provide a specific solution like OPTISWEET®, KRAVE® and MAXAROME.
(For more information see Palatability

The TOXY-NIL® product line focuses on mycotoxin inactivation by both binding and inactivating mycotoxins.

UNIKE® PLUS focuses on binding and inactivation of mycotoxins as well as reduction the detrimental effects of mycotoxins in animals by organ protection, immune system stimulation and support of antioxidant system.

MOLD-NIL®, in liquid and dry presentation, is the preferred solution of customers all over the world for mould control.
(For more information see Mycotoxin Management)

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