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Companion animals

The days we were feeding table scraps to our dogs and cats are far behind us. Today our pets are an integral part of the family. Not surprisingly, we see the same health issues and trends in our pets as in humans .

Lack of exercise, obesitas, diabetes, and antioxidant protection all provide challenges to the health of our companion animals.

At Nutriad we offer a broad range of products to preserve and improve feed safety for pets and promote their  health and happiness.

For more specific information on products and the latest updates, please contact our local staff in your country.

Companion animals feed additives

Companion animals feed additives

Specific sweeteners and palatability enhancers.
(For more information see Palatability)

Mold and mycotoxin control.
(For more information see Mycotoxin management)

ADIMIX® stimulates the development of intestinal villi and improves the function of the intestine as a first protective barrier against harmful bacteria.
(For more information see Digestive performance)

Ensuring feed quality and appearance is essential in pet feed.
(For more information see Preservation & Functional Ingredients)