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Diet composition, ingredient levels, diet form, meal frequency and feeding time are directly related to the horse’s digestive tract anatomy and physiology. The horse’s digestive system is designed to handle frequent small meals, predominately roughage based.  It is important to have a feeding and management program that maintains hindgut function, structure and promotes gut homeostasis. Feed quality is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy horse digestive system.  Measures to control mold, toxins, rancidity and many other substances should be included in the feeding program. We invite you to contact a Nutriad specialist in your area, to see how our programs can help improve health and performance of your horses.

For more specific information on our feed supplements and the latest updates, please contact our local staff in your country.

Equine feed additives

Equine feed supplements

Sweeteners and palatability enhancers to optimize feed consumption of horses.
(For more information see Palatability)

Control the negative impact of moulds and mycotoxins in animal feed.
(For more information see Mycotoxin Management)

A powerful line for stimulating intestinal function and gut barrier formation.
(For more information see Digestive Performance)

Ensure feed quality for optimal animal performance.
(For more information see Preservation and Functional Ingredients)