Sitec 2018

Sitec 2018SITEC is a technical event promoted annually by Nutriad since 2013. , SITEC celebrated its 5th event this year and attracted 100 professionals to Foz do Iguaçu – PR, South of Brazil. The participants were from diverse sectors in animal production, which included nutritionists, veterinarians, managers, consultants and research institute representatives. The event was divided into 3 different topics: palatability, mycotoxin management and digestive performance.


sitec 2018On the second day of the conference, the main agenda was on mycotoxins. Professor Siska Croubels of the University of Ghent in Belgium presented first on the effect of mycotoxins on the susceptibility of animals to diseases. It was highlighted that there were no safe levels where mycotoxins were concerned. Professor Ana Paula Bracarense presented next on the interaction between mycotoxins and oxidative stress followed by Dr. Radka Borutova who presented on the current mycotoxin contamination situation in Brazil obtained through a survey performed by Nutriad in the country. The results from the survey reinforced the problems which arise from mycotoxins and the importance of appropriate risk management. Good control involving toxin quantification analysis was also recommended. The use of tools such as Quick Kits associated with Nutriad’s new application, MYCOMAN® to identify the level of contamination challenge was explained. In addition to analytical tools, the importance of choosing strategic products for grain conservation (mold inhibitors) as well as the mycotoxin deactivators, such as the TOXY-NIL and UNIKE Plus produced by Nutriad was emphasized. Guilherme Bromfman, the director of business and product development at Nutriad USA, concluded the sessions by presenting on the importance of mycotoxin control in production systems without antibiotics.

sitec 2018Nutriad provides products and services to more than 80 countries through a network of sales offices and distributors. It has the support of 4 research laboratories and 5 factories in 3 continents.
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