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Nutriad, multinacional fabricante de aditivos para piensos presentó en colaboración con la Universidad de El Cairo (Egipto) el programa MycoGut Academy en la capital egipcia. El evento contó con la presencia de 75 asistentes de distintos lugares de Oriente Medio. El evento, de tres días de duración, se centró en un programa interactivo orientado hacia […]

Towards optimal use of feed additives: evaluating separate and combined applications of a butyrate and a botanical product

  Gut health Gut health is important for maximizing the health, welfare, and performance of poultry.  It can be defined as the capability to execute normal physiological functions and to maintain homeostasis, in various conditions, with and without stressors. These normal physiological functions include nutrient digestion and absorption, fostering a stable microbiome, maintaining intestinal integrity […]



Recognizing the importance of quality and safety of all Nutriad branded feed additives, our Company has upgraded manufacturing and control procedures to exceed the requirements of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The internal Quality Management System applied by Nutriad comprises an annual review to support a Quality Assurance Manual and Organizational Chart defining […]

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Belgium headquartered multination feed additives producer NUTRIAD was a proud sponsor of the recently held Feed Layer Conferences in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Besides supporting the event, NUTRIAD also presented on alternatives for the use of anti-biotics in feed formulations for poultry. The 2017 Asian Layer Feed Quality conference series focused […]

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Congreso FENAVI de patrocinadores Nutriad, Colombia

El uso responsable de antibióticos en la producción avícola fue el tema principal del “Encuentro Avícola del Pacífico” celebrado recientemente en Cali, Colombia. El congreso abordó las tendencias en el mercado mundial de carne de aves de corral y huevos, métodos de producción sostenibles y el futuro de la producción avícola.  El proveedor europeo de […]

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NUTRIAD Sponsor of South Asia Layer Feed Quality Conference

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad continues to support tradeshows, conferences and seminars across Asia. Most recently the Belgium headquartered company sponsored the 2017 South Asia Layer Feed Quality in Bangkok (Thailand). The event, that took place in September, addressed the specific challenges egg producers in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka face centered around […]

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Nutriad Sponsors Broiler Feed Quality Conferences in Asia

As the Asean market is preparing itself for increased regulation on the usage of antibiotics in animal feed, key decision makers of the poultry industry gathered at the Broiler Feed Conferences held in Bangkok (Augusts 16/17) and Jakarta August 21/22). Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad once again presented novel solutions for broiler producers and supported […]


Nutriad Presents New Poultry Gut Health Research Data

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad continues to strengthen its position as an innovator and leader in research on natural digestive performance additives. At the 2017 Annual Poultry Science Association (PSA) meeting, which was recently held in Orlando (Fl) USA, Dr. Haitham Yakout, Director of Technical Support for Nutriad presented two research findings from recent studies […]

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Nutriad patrocina el 21º Simposio Europeo de Nutrición Aviar

Nutriad se enorgullece de patrocinar el 21º Simposio Europeo de Nutrición Aviar (ESPN, por sus siglas en inglés), que se llevará a cabo del 8 al 11 de mayo de 2017 en Salou-Vila-Seca (Tarragona) en España. Con el paso del tiempo, el simposio ESPN se ha convertido en uno de los eventos de mayor relevancia […]

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Nutriad appoints technical manager in China

Multinational feed additive producer Nutriad announced the appointment of Dr Wei Wang as Technical Manager for China. As part of an ongoing strategy to increase its presence in this dynamic market, Nutriad continues to invest in building technical and commercial support teams in China, allowing them to further improve their constant engagement and support to customers. […]