First Visit by top management team of Blue-star Adisseo

1 Accompanied by Liza Fan, General Manager of Nutriad China, Mr. Hao Zhi Gang, General Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Blue-star Adisseo, CCO, Mr. Shi Jun, and Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, Mr. Wang Yan visited FFI* office and factory located at Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province on 08 Nov, 2018.

Under Liza Fan’s guide, Mr. Hao and his delegation had a quick factory tour and received basic introduction of production flow and technology.

“I am greatly impressed.” Said Mr. Hao. “I believe everyone standing here in front of me gave great contributions and efforts on what we have seen today.” Words of compliments and an inspiring speech were given by Mr. Hao after the factory tour. “We belong to the family of Blue star group, which will give you strong support in developing business actively and creatively in specialty products in China.” Mr. Hao holds high expectations and wishing all our staff will make joint efforts to create a better future for the company.

2 The day ended with a meeting held at management office of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone attended by Liza Fan, Mr. Hao and his delegation. Officials in the Development Zone made commitments on future supports to Nutriad and FFI.

Published on Nutriad website 11/12/18


*FFI: (Feed Flavor International (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nuriad China.