NUTRIAD and INTERVETSERVIS announce co-operation

NUTRIAD and INTERVETSERVIS announce their agreement for co-operation in the sale and distribution of NUTRIAD’s leading range of mycotoxin management products in the Russian market.

Belgium based global feed additives company NUTRIAD’s world leading mycotoxin management product range, TOXY-NIL, TOXY-NIL PLUS and UNIKE PLUS will now be available via the INTERVET SERVIS network.

Olga AverkievaOlga Averkieva says, ‘based on years of research and trials we are extremely confident about the quality and performance of our products. Our flagship product UNIKE®Plus obtained full registration against all economically important mycotoxins in the Brazilian market. Its efficacy was approved by Brazilian authorities based on strict criteria and in peer reviewed publications that reviewed successful scientific in vivo experiments. This brings the complete Nutriad mycotoxin deactivators in line with the latest legal recognition of scientific claims on mycotoxin deactivation. Apart from the Brazilian market, Nutriad products are registered in more than 80 countries worldwide including the European Union. Nutriad works in close cooperation with our customers and partners offering a wide range of mycotoxin management products and services that focus on their personal site/field situations.’

Simon MartynSimon Martyn, Regional Director Nutriad EMEA commented ‘we are delighted to be working with INTERVETSERVIS in order to bring our mycotoxin management products to the Russian market. IVS have a strong sales and marketing position and together with our local team and central technical support we believe this partnership will allow us to better address the market and support our customers and be a great success for all parties’.

Published on Nutriad website 12/08/2017