Belgium based global feed additives company Nutriad announces renewed branding for its leading product range ADIMIX in Russia.

Nutriad’s leading product ADIMIX PRECISION has been registered in the Russian market.  ADIMIX PRECISION was previously marketed as EUROACID 30 B COATED and has been widely sold in Russia for many years. The composition and quality of the product remain unchanged.

dr-daniel-ramirez-pic_smallDaniel Ramirez, Business Development Manager “Digestive Performance” commented: “ADIMIX® products exploit the proven health benefits of butyrate and provide a cost-effective option to improve animal performance. For optimum intestinal support, ADIMIX® Precision utilizes a unique precision delivery matrix that delivers the butyrate into the intestines where it has the greatest benefit.  ADIMIX® Precision enhances enteric development and intestinal health as well as nutrient absorption. Besides, provides support for the control of Salmonella and Campylobacter”

Simon MartynSimon Martyn, Regional Director Nutriad EMEA commented ‘that the registration of ADIMIX PRECISION is an important step in the harmonisation of our major brands and brings our ADIMIX range in Russia in line with Nutriad’s global positioning and product branding. In addition ADIMIX EASY is also now available in Russia and joins ADIMIX PRECISION in Nutriad’s Digestive Performance product range portfolio offering a choice of product formats for our customers.’

Published on Nutriad website 07/08/17