• Animal performance starts with
    superior feed quality

  • Solutions that improve
    the quality of your end product

  • Broad range of
    nutritional and functional additives

  • Solutions for
    species specific diet formulations

Preservation and Functional Ingredients

Superior feed quality is an essential milestone towards optimized animal performance.

The choice of raw materials and especially their chemical and microbiological quality are the keys of success for the production of safe and high quality feed.

Our product specialists developed a no nonsense anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial portfolio to protect sensitive raw materials and essential nutrients from autoxidation or (re)contamination with pathogenic bacteria.

Being in close contact with our customers around the world and working with so many different species, in livestock as well as in aquaculture, our technical team encounters specific nutritional and functional issues that require a practical and efficient solution.

Our nutritionists developed a broad range of species-specific nutritional and functional additives.  Products that have proven to improve and to fill the nutritional and functional gap in our customers’ formulations.

Preservation and functional ingredients feed additives


Chemical degradation
OXY-NIL® covers a complete antioxidant program to prevent losses due to autoxidation of raw materials and final products.

Bacterial contamination
EVACIDE®, BACTI-NIL® and SALMO-NIL® prevent the horizontal transmission of foodborne pathogens through the feed-food chain by acidifying drinking water, liquid feed preparations and salmonella critical feeds and feed materials.

Physical aspects
NUTRI-BIND® are low inclusion pellet binders.

Nutritional gap
NUTRI-GOLD® are natural pigmenters based on natural carotenoids obtained from Marigold flower petals and from paprika hulls.
NUTRI-VIT® are liquid and dry premixtures that combine essential and limiting amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Want to find out more about our Preservation & Functional Ingredients product range and applications ? Read the various articles in our news section or contact our product specialists directly. Our local team will gladly provide you with the latest updates and detailed information on product availability in your country.