• Solutions that support optimization of feed consumption

  • Solutions that support optimization of feed consumption

  • Solutions that support optimization of feed consumption

  • Leading name in
    flavours and sweeteners


From our early beginnings in the 1960’s, in the USA and UK, through to today, Nutriad has been developing and providing value adding palatability products to our customers the world over.

Formulating high performance feeds at economic cost is the everyday challenge for our customers. Our passion is to provide our customers with the highest quality, specialist flavours and sweeteners that ensure optimized feed consumption, allow maximizing feed raw material flexibility and offer opportunity for unique marketing appeal.

With manufacturing and technical support facilities located in the USA, Europe and China, Nutriad offers unrivalled customer support and service.

Nutriad’s palatability team are ready to bring our customers the very best best product solutions that are fully in-line with local legislation and market demands.

Palatability feed additives


We offer a comprehensive range of feed supplements, including the KRAVE® and MAXAROME high-performance flavour brands, and OPTISWEET®, our unique selection of specialist sweeteners.
These products available are the only ones available on the market that utilise Talin®, the natural flavour enhancer and sweetener synergist.

Our extensive knowledge and know-how and imaginative approach to solving palatability and feed intake problems enable us to design tailor-made products that address the specific challenges faced by nutritionists when creating cost-effective, high-performance diets.

From stimulating feed intake at critical periods, such as weaning and lactation, to masking or accentuating the taste and aroma of particular diet ingredients, we can provide a solution – for all domesticated species big or small, from ruminants, pigs and poultry to fish, equines* even camels and ostriches.

Want to find out more about our Palatability  product range and applications ? Read the various articles in our news section or contact our product specialists directly. They will be happy to discuss specific requirements for a particular animal species, life-stage or feed application. Our local team will gladly provide you with the latest updates and detailed information on product availability in your country.


Print*The Nutriad TASTE-EQ product portfolio is BETA NOPS accredited to be free from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances and designed specifically to improve palatability and appeal of feed and supplements for competition horses.