• Optimal digestion stimulates
    health and performance

  • Nutriad has proven track record in butyrate applications
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  • Efficient drinking water applications

Digestive Performance

Optimal digestion and functioning of the digestive system is the key success factor towards healthy and performing animals.

With our products we focus on digestive efficiency, fermentation, Salmonella & Campylobacter control, balanced intestinal microbiota, antibiotic reduction, villi development and absorption improvement.

Already for several decades, our researchers have been working on improving digestion: transferring feed into the building blocks of the animal body. More than 20 years ago we were the first to start using butyrate as an active ingredient for production animals. Right now Nutriad is being recognized around the world as the leading expert on butyrates, offering a wide range of coated and non-coated products as well as hands-on experience. Next to the butyrate line we have several other feed supplements aimed at improving digestive performance.

Digestive performance feed additives


At Nutriad we offer a wide range of unique feed supplements that trigger various effects in the animals thanks to complementary modes of action in the intestinal tract.

Our renowned ADIMIX® range offers butyrate-based specialty products that enhance enteric development and intestinal health as well as nutrient absorption.

SANACORE® helps to prevent the consequences of microbial challenges through its broad spectrum antibacterial effect as well as strengthening of the intestinal barrier. It is applied in programs that aim to reduce antimicrobials and zinc oxide in poultry or pigs.

APEX® is the brand name of a range of natural botanical ingredients that improve intestinal function and balance intestinal microbial activity. It offers a great alternative to antibiotic growth promoters in pigs, poultry and calves.

To improve digestion efficiency, we offer the ULTRACID® acidifier line with strong acid binding capacity and antibacterial effect.

SENTIGUARD®’s main activity is to support the natural defense systems of the animal, while securing a maximum energy partitioning towards growth.

REVITAL®PLUS LIQUID is a liquid formulation developed to reduce or overcome stress induced performance problems. Administration via the drinking water allows for a quick and efficient application.

Want to find out more about our Digestive Performance product range and applications ? Read the various articles in our news section or contact our product specialists directly. Our local team will gladly provide you with the latest updates and detailed information on product availability in your country.