Successful mycotoxin management: mission possible

Introduction Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by naturally occurring metabolic processes in fungi. Mycotoxins can invade the seeds before the actual harvest whilst the crop is still on the field, or alternatively, mould growth can occur during storage at the feed mill or on the farm. As a result, high numbers of mycotoxins could already […]

Butyrate: Feeding the Gut and Beyond for Animal Health

James Pierce, MS, PhD; Nutriad Inc. Elgin, IL, USA – Maja Marien, DVM, PhD; Tim Goossens, PhD; Nutriad International NV Dendermonde, Belgium Introduction In North America, there has been a tremendous body of research in recent years to find the ideal product or program to replace or reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock and […]

Veterinary view on Streptococcus suis

Supporting intestinal health with SANACORE®EN has unique health benefits. Piglets being fed the product, which is gradually released in the gastrointestinal tract, are less likely to suffer from intestinal disorders, and as such they have fewer problems with Streptococcus infections; that is the experience of swine veterinarian Dr. René Sol. Since the 2006 ban of […]

Efficacy of TOXY-NIL® PLUS in fattening pigs diets

Introduction Mycotoxins are secondary toxic metabolites of molds and can be found in every variety of grains and forage produced for food or feed. They accumulate in food and feed crops in the field, during transportation or improper storage. Mycotoxins may be present in a feedstuff despite negative analytical findings. It is well understood that […]

Introducing DELISTART®

Nutriad’s New Concept for Young Animal Diets Nutriad’s Palatability Business Unit is introducing a brand new product concept for young animal diets. Formulated to provide important taste signals, that are associated with key nutritional factors, DELISTART® has been specifically developed with young animals, especially pigs and calves, in mind. Optimising feed intake at critical challenge […]

Mycotoxin Management in Swine Production

Importance in feed quality, safety and maintaining reproductive and growth performance   Dr. James Pierce – VP Technical Sales Support & Marketing/Nutriad USA Take Home Message Mycotoxins are secondary fungal metabolites that can reduce performance and alter metabolism and reproduction in swine production. They are unavoidable contaminants in foods and feeds and are a major problem […]

Looking for ways to get relief from PED

Maja Marien, DVM, PhD, Tim Goossens, PhD Product managers Digestive Performance at Nutriad Geographical incidence Porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) is caused by a coronavirus somewhat similar to that which causes transmissible gastroenteritis. The PED virus was first recognized in the UK in 1971 and has spread throughout most of Europe and Asia where it is […]