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Food Safety & Animal Nutrition course in Spain

Multinational Feed Additives Producer Nutriad, headquartered in Belgium, participated  in the Food Safety and Animal Nutrition Course organized by Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, which took place in February  in  Cartagena (Spain). The event was  directed by Juan Ignacio Conesa, Director the  Animal compound feed producers of South East of Spain and aimed at animal feed […]


Nutriad supporting member of the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP)

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad has become a supporting member of the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP). The EAFP, established in 1979, is an interdisciplinary society, embracing all aspects of aquatic disease in fish and shellfish, in aquaculture and in wild stocks. It recognizes the importance of direct contact between research workers and the […]

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Nutriad launches partnership Iraq

Feed additives producer Nutriad, alongside its new partner Mila Company for Veterinary Drugs, held its launch meeting in Erbil, Iraq. The event, hosting representatives of 70 key customers, marked the beginning of an increased focus on an important feed market in the Middle East.  Gilles De Feyter, Area Manager MEA, discussed the key benefits of […]

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Nutriad appoints Area Managers India

Multinational feed additive producer Nutriad announced the appointment of Anand Srivastava and Thiyagarajan Rajaram as Area Managers covering the Indian subcontinent. India has recently emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing compound feed markets in the world. The feed industry is growing at a CAGR of 8%, with poultry, cattle and aqua feed sectors emerging […]

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Prudent Antibiotic Use in Canadian Feed Applications

Today we face an onslaught of articles and directives that deal with the use of antibiotics in a myriad of feed and water applications. This is in addition to the therapeutic applications usually administered by veterinarians. The concern over antibiotic resistance in a number of human applied antibiotics is gaining significant attention in the medical […]

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Nutriad comments on US Poultry Industry

As the US is moving from a turbulent 2016 into a new year with an uncertain political outlook, it is important for the poultry industry to understand the various scenarios that may unfold in the near future and possible changes in global trade agreements, currency exchange rates, regulations and overall cost of production. Using insights […]

Nutriad Solutions for Antibiotic Free Production

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad has been in business for more than 50 years and services customers in more than 80 countries around the world. Nutriad’s expertise and focus for many years has been providing natural and antibiotic free solutions to the poultry and livestock industry. The poultry industry has been moving away from antibiotic […]


Nutriad supporting US customers on Veterinary Feed Directive

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking numerous steps and actions to ensure that antibiotics are being used judiciously in Food Animal Production. The usage of antibiotics in Food Animal Production is being scrutinized by Government Officials, Public Health Groups and Consumers throughout Supply Chains and by utilizing market pressure. Concerns have arisen regarding […]


NUTRIAD Presents Poland 2016 Mycotoxin Survey Maize

Mycotoxins are a hidden danger in animal feed. One of the most important negative factors in crop production and animal feed quality is the contamination of feed commodities by moulds and mycotoxins. As much as 20% of the world’s cereal grains are generally known to be contaminated with measurable levels of mycotoxins (Placha et al., […]