Multinational feed specialty additives producer Nutriad was a prominent participant at the VIV Europe in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Technical- and commercial staff attended industry professionals, media and academics at the Nutriad booth while business development managers hosted scientific presentations at the various conferences and seminars.

Olga AverkievaOlga Averkieva, Business Development Manager Mycotoxin Management, presented at the Smart Pig Farming seminar where she summarised the latest insides into mycotoxin risk management in pigs. Mrs. Averkieva explained how pig producers can minimize the risk associated with mycotoxins by analysing weather data and assessing newly harvested grains. She shared the latest technology that allows the use of smart phones to measure mycotoxin levels in grains and mobile applications to calculate the right dosage of the mycotoxin deactivator. Averkieva introduced the Nutriad application Mycoman® that is available free of charge and has been well received by producers.

Daniel RamirezDaniel Ramirez, Business Development Manager Digestive Performance, presented on how feed additives can be used in an optimal way in specific programs, allowing nutritionist to achieve the targeted effects. Mr. Ramirez highlighted that besides the application of specific feed additives, a broad number of strategies including farm management, hygiene, nutrition and preventive medicine need to be applied to ensure optimum results.  An integral approach will ensure a positive return on investment by decreasing risks on farm level whilst increasing the health status. Nutriad’s Adimix® – sodium butyrate – portfolio has for example proven to fit in a AGP free strategy, which is supported by strong scientific data.

Erik Visser Nutriad“The VIV once again has proven to be an excellent platform for Nutriad to engage with existing and potential new business partners from across the world. As the event takes place close to our headquarters, we were able to expose employees from different functional areas to the latest development in the feed industry and engage with our customers,” commented Nutriad CEO Erik Visser. “Customers are at the core of what Nutriad does, which is way we are actively participating in tradeshows around the world, next to visiting producers at their facilities. This allows us to really understand what is driving the developments in today’s market and craft solutions together with our customers to be prepared for the future,” concluded Visser.

Published on Nutriad website 10/07/18