Belgium headquartered multinational feed additives producer NUTRIAD and its distribution partner KALBE FARMA presented latest scientific findings and provided insights on alternatives for the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters at technical seminars in Indonesia. The companies hosted the National Layer Farmers Association (Pinsar Petilur Nasional) – Magelang Branch and organized a swine technical forum for farmers in Solo, Central Java.

PR NA041-00Dr. Glenn Alfred Ferriol, Nutriad Manager for Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia, presented on the impact of mycotoxins on gut health and its effect on vaccination, tackling the most common enteric problems in pullet development and relating the importance of having a robust intestinal integrity. Dr. Ferriol highlighted the scientific data and practical application of a precision delivered butyrate like ADIMIX PRECISION and its impact on gut health, egg production efficiencies and egg shell quality. Dr. Ferriol also demonstrated how the Digestive Health and Mycotoxin Management platforms can be applied jointly to the benefit of producers.

Drh. Hasiholan Ritonga, product manager for KALBE gave an update on the products registered and available in Indonesia, that can be used in a program to replace AGPs. Attendees of the seminars further confirmed the importance of feed additives solutions, as the government is seeking to ban the use of AGPs in the feed as per January 1, 2018.

At the technical forum for swine farmers, which took place in Solo, Central Java, Dr. Ferriol presented the most recent data on the application of ADIMIX solutions in Swine, focusing primarily on the impact on gut health and as a support for the treatment of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED). He further highlighted the advantage of a multifunctional approach including mycotoxin deactivator.  He concluded his presentation with the latest in vivo results on the use of UNIKE PLUS in swine.

Posted on Nutriad Website 29/11/17