Nutriad Inc. (USA) – 50th Anniversary

In November 2013 Nutriad, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary as a company with friends, current and former employees, partners, venders and trade media. Former employee Mike Cody and current President Keith Klanderman shared interesting presentations while the guests enjoyed local delicacies. Nutriad captain chairs, with the 50th  Anniversary logo on the back were presented to attendees. Everyone had a good time as local media interviewed some of those attending.

Nutriad was founded as Feed Flavors Incorporated, in the Northwestern part of Chicago, on December 8th 1963. The company grew strongly over the next 9 years and became one of the top three animal feed flavoring companies in the world. To support its’ growing sales volume it moved to the Wheeling, Illinois area in 1972. In the years leading up to 2003, when it was purchased by the our current organization, the company lead the way in its field with many unique innovations and important milestones, which were detailed during the gathering.

Some of the accomplishments discussed during the celebration included Feed Flavors being the first company to use aluminum foiled lined and heat sealed Pre-Paks, the first to establish a comprehensive swine flavor testing program at Hastings Pork (called Customized Flavor Testing – CFT), the first to develop Private Label products in 5 pound Pre-Packs for on farm Grind and Mix, the first company to develop a CFT for dairy and a Customer Preference Survey program (CPS), first to exploit customized flavor product development, first to register an animal flavor product in Peoples Republic of China in 1991 and the first to establish a long term research and development program call Taste and Olfaction Technologies 2000 .

Over the years the company also formed two other product platforms that were sold subsequently. The mold inhibitor, pellet binder and anti-oxidant products were eventually sold off to a company called Ag Research in 1982 and a direct feed microbial and silage inoculant platform under the name Xeroferm was sold in 1991.

Through it all Nutriad Inc.,  as part of multi-national  Nutriad and as Feed Flavors, has been a global leader.  Says Keith Klanderman: “Today Nutriad Inc. continues as a very strong feed additive force for innovation and collaboration. The customers we serve have honored us with their business and we continue to look to the future with a vision and commitment that focuses on being the best in our field. We believe that our company will continue to succeed in the next 50 years and will continue the legacy that it firmly established in the first 50 years.”

Picture: Nutriad Inc. senior management, Nutriad Board of Directors and Nutriad Supervisory Board gather in Elgin, USA